2-25-2006 Menus


Monday: Breakfast — Hot toast, cereal, juice and milk. Lunch — Hamburgers with cheese, grench fries, pork n beans, pear crisp, fruit, salad bar/soup, and a variety of milk.

Tuesday: Breakfast — Omelets and salsa, cereal, juice and milk. Lunch — Chalupas, spanish rice, chips and salsa, fruit, salad bar/soup, and a variety of milk.

Wednesday: Breakfast — Hot ham and cheese toast, cereal, juice and milk. Lunch — Pizza pepperoni or supreme, corn, fruit, salad bar, soup, and variety of milk.

Thursday: Biscuits, sausage and gravy, cereal, juice and milk. Lunch — Pigs in a blanket, pork n beans, jell-o with fruit, salad bar/soup and variety of milk.


Monday: Breakfast — Quesadilla, juice, milk. Lunch — Nachos with or w/o meat, ranch style beans, salad.

Tuesday: Breakfast — Breakfast burrito, juice, milk. Lunch — Pizza, bread sticks and sauce, celery and peanut butter, salad, pears.

Wednesday: Breakfast — Biscuits and jelly, juice, milk. Lunch — Fish, macaroni and cheese, green beans or salad, rolls, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Breakfast — Pancake on a stick, juice, milk. Lunch — Fajitas, pinto beans or rice, salad, chips and salsa, cookie, milk.

San Jon

Monday: Breakfast — Cinnamon toast, cereal, fruit, milk. Lunch — Chili cheese fries, southwest corn, fruit, brownies, milk.

Tuesday: Breakfast — Breakfast burrito, cereal, fruit, milk. Lunch — Chicken stir fry, vegetables, rice, fruit, cookies, milk.

Senior Citizens Lunch

Monday: Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, buttered carrots, potluck roll, margarine, peaches, gelatin.

Tuesday: Catfish nuggets, coleslaw, pork and beans, bread, pineapple upside down cake.

Editor’s Note: Not all schools had submitted lunch menus by press time. Lunch menus made available for the first week of March will appear in Wednesday’s Quay County Sun. Schools may fax lunch menus to 461-1965.