Fair barn renovations done

By Kevin Wilson: Quay County Sun

To varying degrees, music fans missed the bluegrass band dance when it was canceled last month due to renovations at the Quay County Fair Barn.

One thing they won’t miss is the dance floor they used for those monthly concerts. It’s been replaced with new tile, with a layer of new carpet inset on the floor.

The new floor marks the last stage in an 18-month renovation project, with today’s 5 p.m. dance as the first event in the finished building. The barn, which hosts the fourth-Saturday dances each month, also plays host to many Quay County Fair events and other events throughout the summer.

Danny Estrada, the fairgrounds supervisor, is hopeful people will be impressed with what he and a few staff members have been able to do with 18 months and a little more than half of a $65,000 capital outlay fund received two years ago.

“They’re just going to freak out when they see it,” Estrada said with a grin, “compared to what they had in the past.”

Estrada said the barn went years without renovation, and the capital outlay money was a huge help to change a building that he joked had “zebra wallpaper,” with black and white stripes everywhere.

Those walls have been painted teal and mauve, with off-white tiles and a maroon carpet in the middle. Also, 50 portable tables were purchased for future events.

Other additions include two cooling units and lattice decorations for a storage area. Estrada would like to have a drop ceiling as well, but said that is probably a long time off.

After the dance, the next scheduled event is the Quay County Arts and Crafts show May 6-7.

Estrada said more work will be done throughout the fairgrounds. The remaining capital outlay money will help renovate the roof of the Beef Building and improve the rodeo arena’s return alley and water system.

Estrada said he would like to get the fairgrounds near the quality of the Tucumcari Convention Center, which finished renovations last summer. The most noticeable improvement in those renovations, Convention Center Director Ron Wilmot said, was the addition of meeting rooms to branch out from the larger convention room.

“I wanted more meeting rooms,” Wilmot said. “We had the big ballroom and we had the exhibit hall, but we did not have the breakout meeting rooms.”

The convention center plays host to many conferences and can also be used for smaller social functions like weddings and quinceaneras.