March 1, 2006 Tuck’s Turf

Next week kicks off the 2006 high school golf program with a trip to the Santa Ana Pueblo Golf Course. I am looking forward to a great learning experience and having Fun. Let me just take a minute to introduce your team: Oliva Mitchell, Clay Beevers, Drew Hale, Anas Badshah, Srephen Smith, Qasim Badshah, Johnny Barreras, Michael Martinez, Narthan Andrada, Justin Alvarez, Andy Garcia Jr, and a couple of ladies getting ready to be part are Elibabeth Smith and Sara Enriquez. Many folks have contributed to the support of and we thank you very much. We plan to pursue victory with honor.

Special note for all

The golf calendar is final. Please stop by the golf shop and pick up a copy (we made a pocket size for your convenience).

Special date

March 11, Golf team scramble and hamburger fry. Sign up as soon as possible.

Pointer of the week

Five minutes of practicing at home can beat 30 minutes on the range.

• Check your setup: Grip, stance, posture, alignment.

• Swing To balfway back: Clubface, arms extended, check triangle, slight weight shift.

• Swing oo top of the backswing: Shoulder turn, weight shift, check clubface, original posture.

• Halfway down: Clubface position.

• Halfway through: Release arms and body, weight shift, arms rolled over, eyes down the line.

• The finish: Swing to balance.