A dog’s life is quite relaxing

By Aggie Moncus: Tails from the Canyon

If all goes well, the wind just blew the slave out of the backyard, and I, Aggie, can visit with you this week. Actually, I think she was looking for me out there, but I am not about to go out when the wind is blowing so hard. I’d much rather sit in front of this computer and play with words while she is trying to find her way back to the house.

Since we visited last, I have spent quite a bit of my time hiding in my favorite corner because I get just a little nervous when the wind is blowing. After all, I am small enough that a dust devil could carry me away, and the slave would never find me. She tends to get a little excited when she races around the yard hunting for me and doesn’t realize I’m just watching her run because she needs the exercise. If I don’t hide, she just walks to me, grabs my collar, and drags me to the door. Besides, I know the best hiding places in the yard and in the house so I can pretend the wind isn’t blowing.

I’ve tried to teach the slave to be alert when all that dust is flying because she would be much safer were she to share my favorite corner. Often, I pound on the door to be let in and run right on to that corner without stopping even for a treat. She still hasn’t learned that I am trying to tell her to hide even when she doesn’t realize the wind is about to blow. I can hear it coming and know what she calls a human and I’m merely a little animal. She simply doesn’t realize that we little animals know far more than humans and should be the real leaders.

If we were allowed to lead, our world would be a much safer and quieter place in which to live. We might do a little a fighting at times in order to protect our territory, but we wouldn’t try to change the whole world so it would think as we do. We’d just try to take care of our slaves and see that we have plenty to eat without getting hysterical and pretending we could do anything we want to no matter what the results. We’d know our own territory and would even respect that of others without having to waste a lot of time trying to mind everyone else’s business besides our own.

When I’m in my own corner, I do a lot of thinking about how to teach the slave about the joys of life and how to keep her from making so much noise when she is listening to what she calls the news. After all, she knows that I am the only one who hears what she is saying, and I’m not about to come out of hiding to tell her to turn off the TV so she won’t have to get excited about whatever is happening in the rest of the world. She would do much better to find her own corner and do some serious thinking about how to keep both of us safe and how to earn more money so she could buy me better treats.

If she would but listen to me, I could teach her how to relax, how to know when the weather is going to change, how to read all the news she needs to know by merely sniffing the breeze, and how understand almost everything that goes on around her without getting upset. I could teach her how to appreciate both my life and hers and even to be nice to other people and animals. When you talk to her, you might suggest that she learn to listen to me and to quit listening to so much news about which she can do nothing. Also, tell her to let me give advice to others so they can have happy lives. Ours really is a great place in which to live if we allow it to be.