MCI trailer to be housed in city

Special to the Sun

Eastern New Mexico Emergency Medical Services (EMS Region III), in partnership with the Division of Epidemiology and Response of the New Mexico Department of Health-EMS Bureau and Homeland Security Department, is working to increase the emergency preparedness of Quay County through provision of a Multi-Casualty Incident (MCI) Trailer to be stationed at Tucumcari Fire Department.

The MCI Trailer is now in Quay County and is expected to act as a life-saving device in incidents involving numerous injuries. The MCI Trailer is equipped with large quantities of medical and support supplies and will transport these provisions to mass casualty incidents. First responders, EMTs and paramedics will then be able to access and disperse the supplies from the trailer at the actual site of the event. Centrally located in Quay County, the trailer will be deployable to surrounding counties.

EMS Region III and the EMS Bureau in collaboration with emergency response representatives from various counties formulated a plan to supply each county in New Mexico with a trailer designed to provide several assets in the case of a man-made, natural or terrorist disaster. The trailer, valued at approximately $26,000 can provide: Incident Command capability, scene lighting, basic life support and mobile oxygen delivery system for 20 critical patients, Class “C” personal protection for 24 Emergency Responders, supplies for wound care for 20 minor to moderate patients and support for triage activities.

“Emergency preparedness is always a team effort. We plan together. We practice together. Because, ultimately, we will respond together,” said Jan Elliott, Executive Director of EMS Region III.

“Planning and preparedness involves a long list of partners who are involved and have participated in several training exercises. That list includes fire, police and EMS personnel throughout the county, public health departments, the hospitals and health care personnel, and many others. We have provided these trailers to assure our citizens that we are prepared for the types of large-scale incidents that may happen in our communities—be they natural or man-made.”

In addition to the trailer is a “Memorandum of Understanding” signed by the receiving agency to make the trailer available to the adjoining counties in the occurrence of a catastrophic event. This means if there is a catastrophe large enough that one trailer located within the County can’t provide the needed supplies, there would be other trailers available located in the adjoining counties,” said Elliott.