March 18, 2006 Menus

Senior Citizens Center
Monday: Sub sandwich, lettuce and tomato, cheese, broccoli, pork and beans, jello/fruit cocktail.
Tuesday: Hamburger steak, gravy, lima beans, spinach, biscuits, pears/gelatin
Wednesday: Beef brisket, potato salad, baked beans, biscuits/margarine, blueberry muffin
Thursday: BBQ thighs, coleslaw, corn, biscuit/margarine, chocolate pudding
Friday: Frito pie, tossed salad, mexican corn, cornbread, gelatin/fruit

Logan Schools
Monday: Breakfast, cereal bars, juice, milk, Lunch: Steak fingers and gravy, green beans, hot rolls, fruit,milk
Tuesday; Breakfast, apple and peanut butter cup, juice, milk, Lunch: frito pie, ranch style beans, salad or fried squash, cookies, milk
Wednesday: Breakfast, French toast sticks, juice, milk, Lunch: Deli sandwich, all the trimmings, French fries, fruit, milk
Thursday: Breakfast, muffin, juice, milk, Lunch: Spaghetti w/WO meat, corn or salad, hot rolls, puddings, milk

San Jon Schools
Monday: Breakfast, Bagels and yogurt, cereal, fruit, milk, Lunch: frito pie, broccoli, fruit, cookies, milk
Tuesday: Breakfast, Cinnamon rolls, cereal, fruit, milk, Lunch: Chicken fried steak, mashed potato, rolls, corn, fruit, milk
Wednesday: Breakfast, biscuits and gravy, cereal, fruit, milk, Lunch: Taco salad, refried beans, chips and salsa, fruit , salad bar, milk
Thursday: Breakfast, fruit bars, cereal, fruit, milk , Lunch: BBQ chicken on buns, Mac and cheese, fresh veggies, fruit, milk

House Schools
Monday: Breakfast, Omelets and salsa, cereal, juice, and milk Lunch: Steak fingers, mashed potaoes/gravy, hot rolls, green beans, fruit, salad bar/soup, variety of milk.
Tuesday: Breakfast, pancakes/syrup, cereal, juice and milk, Lunch: Burrito supreme, chips and salsa, fruit, salad bar/soup, variety of milk
Wednesday: Breakfast, breakfast pizza, cereal, juice and milk, Lunch: Beef tips, brown gravy and rice, biscuit, fruit, salad bar/soup, variety of milk
Thursday: Breakfast, breakfast soft taco, cereal, juice and milk, Lunch: chili cheese dog, american fries, pinto beans, fruit, salad bar/soup, variety of milk

Organizations may fax menus to 461-1965.