Program teaches students about jobs

By Gloria Guzman: QCS Job Shadow

By Gloria Guzman

QCS Job Shadower

Thursday saw 23 Tucumcari places of employment add one more employee — a job shadow from Tucumcari High School.

The program, in its 12th year at the school, allows students in Antonio Pacheco’s marketing careers class to spend a day out of school with various businesses to learn what skills are required.

“I want hand-on experiences in the work places,” Pacheco said, “(showing) all school subjects are needed for every job you do.”

Areas that participated included the Quay County Sun, the New Mexico State Police, city and county offices, two local banks, local hotels and restaurants and four departments at Mesalands Community College.

Pacheco said the students started in the morning after 9 a.m., then broke for lunch and discussed what they learned at each area. Some went back to those businesses, while others were assigned to other areas.

Amber Eccles, a freshman, spent the afternoon at the MCC Nail Technology Center after spending the morning at the Holiday Inn. Eccles spent part of her afternoon watching the same training videos that the center’s employees are required to view.

Eccles said she chose the center as one of her places because it was something she liked to do.

“I like doing everybody else’s nails,” Eccles said, “but I can’t do my own.”

Between working at a hotel and a nail center, Eccles said she’d be more likely to do the latter.

“I’d probably want to do this for a career,” Eccles said. “I like working with people.”

Beth Sisneros, director of the Success Center at MCC, said this was the third year the school participated in the program. The school also provided lunch and a classroom on campus for students to discuss what they learned.

“We want to get the students looking for education,” Sisneros said, “and show what different programs we offer.”

QCS Interim Managing Editor Kevin Wilson contributed to this report.