An Aggie in need is a friend indeed

By Lynn Moncus: QCS Columnist

For many years, Debbie Widger, currently Gift Planning Officer at New Mexico State University, has been coming to Tucumcari at this time of year and has rarely been here when we weren’t having a snow storm. We were both delighted when we saw flakes falling because we had feared she might see dust only this year.

On occasion , she has had to spend at least an extra day because the roads were closed, and at other times, she has had to cut her meetings short in order to be able to fly out. She enjoys recounting her various experiences and seems to be able to add new stories every year. Of course, I keep encouraging her to appear more often, especially when we need the snow so desperately, but she thinks she should come only when she is on the job even though I have told her she could drive up on a weekend in order to assure us we would have more moisture.

Debbie and I became friends a few years before I retired and have become even closer since because she knows most of my friends in Las Cruces and keeps me up to date on their activities. She is one of the special young people who takes time to visit with her elders and who makes us feels privileged because she cares. Her warm, lively sense of humor allows those around her to relax and to enjoy conversing about almost any subject.

Being an Aggie is also a major plus as she represents us proudly and is just as eager to work with the students on campus as with us outlanders. She quietly helps students and remains interested in them. At times, I have mentioned that someone needs a little help, and she has been ready to lend a hand. Whenever I have a question about a student or a friend, I call Debbie because I know she will find the answer and will go out of her way if necessary.

If we tend to run out of news about friends during visits, we can always talk about our dogs because we are both slaves to our furry friends and have much to say about them. We are both pleased to have such good bosses and aren’t hesitant to do their bidding. We laugh as we discuss their latest antics and our weakness as we let them rule.

Whenever I am in Las Cruces, I know I can call on her in the event I can’t find my way around campus or get lost in that ever groaning city. She understands country people and knows that I have most definitely reverted to my country ways. She can tell me which landmarks to look for and which streets to take in order to go from place to place. She also hopes I will forget that pink lemonade was served at the major alumni gathering at the last homecoming and did assure me that the new Aggie mascot will not look like a Hollywood dude.

Let’s hope she will return earlier next year and bring a big snow storm with her. She’s one outstanding Aggie!