March 25, 2006 Letter to the Editor

First of all, I would like to say how proud I am of the Logan Longhorns. The seniors on our team have been entertaining us for 10 years, and what a great job they have done. To them I say thank you.

As fans we are supposed to support our teams, and I guess we do in numbers. I heard on the radio that our Longhorns have one of the best followings around.

What is disturbing to me is how little we boost their morale. It has appeared to me we are very supportive as long as our teams are ahead. We will stand up and cheer, but only when they score. If our teams get behind, it seems the crowd just dies. Very few support the cheerleaders by clapping and yelling the chants. Many of us are quick to yell at referees when we think Logan has been wronged, and I won’t talk about coaching.

Several times I have looked across the gym to see Drew Perez jumping up and down, looking back across at the crowd with his hands weaving, trying to get the crowd fired up and on their feet. I have also seen the bench start a chant to get the girls fired up.

The seniors are leaving a great group of kids to take over the courts and fields. Win or lose, we will support them. It is my hope that we can do that with good sportsmanship and lots of noise, regardless of the score. I think we let them down this year.

Angie Lawrence