March 29, 2006 Letter to the Editor

Something has happened over the past several months in Tucumcari — gas prices have gone up and stayed up, even when they have fallen in nearby communities.

I moved here from Santa Fe, the land of perpetually high prices. But Santa Feans decided to do something about the local retailers that cried “cost of doing business” every time disproportionately high gas prices were discussed. They fought for a Sam’s Club gas station, waited patiently in long lines and watched the competition put their tails between their legs and lower their prices. 

On Saturday, Sam’s Club in Santa Fe sold regular gas for $2.47 a gallon. On the same day in Clovis, the price was $2.37. Stations in Tucumcari, with its easy access to Interstate 40 and low overhead, charged an outrageous $2.53 a gallon.

Sure, we all need to cut back on our driving and keep our cars tuned up and tires inflated, but gas prices in Tucumcari are still too high in comparison with those in neighboring communities. With record profits for the oil industry in the past year (at the consumers’ expense), there simply is no excuse for gasoline to be so much higher here.

Maybe it’s time we all drive to Clovis to buy gas, or court a discount gas station to open here. Do we want travelers to stop in Tucumcari or drive on to other destinations where gas prices are more in line with most New Mexican cities?  


Christina Fleming