Safety check finds $1million in cash

QCS Staff

SAN JON — A Department of Public Safety Motor Transportation Division police officer discovered more than $1 million in cash during a safety inspection of a tractor–trailer rig on Thursday. The money, found in denominations of $10 and $20, was bundled and filled a suitcase.

“A million dollars is pretty unusual,” said Peter Olson, communications director for the state’s department of public safety. “We’ve come pretty close to that on an airplane that was seized.”

The semi-truck entered the San Jon westbound port of entry on Interstate-40 on Thursday afternoon. The MTD officer started his safety inspection and driver records check just after 5 p.m.

While inspecting the cab and sleeper berth of the big rig, a suitcase was discovered that was very heavy, DPS reported. The driver claimed he found the luggage at a rest stop in Missouri, Olson said.

The driver allowed the officer to open the case, according to a DPS press release. The money was discovered wrapped and fitted inside the black suitcase.

The driver has not been arrested and the case is under further investigation.