Commissioners approve road grader

By Phillip Barnhard: QCS Correspondent

Appreciation followed by implementation were two themes present at the Quay County Commission meeting on Monday.

Appreciation, was introduced by Commission Chairman Franklin McCasland in recognition of the service of Blanton Morrison, a county employee. The plaque presented to Blanton was recognition for the 17 years of service to Quay County.

“I appreciate Quay County,” Morrison said, after hearing acclaim from those present at the meeting.

Quay County employees and friends showered Morrison with praise and memories of his work ethic and kind nature exhibited in his every day life.

“I even had my shirttail untucked,” Morrison joked to the commissioners. “I’ve worn it there for the last 25 years.”

After credit was given, commissioners shifted course to discuss new business.

Lonnie Phelps, engineer for the Ute Lake Ranch project, proposed the approval of a “fill and build” application and asked for the official approval of the county to start grading operations.

Ute Lake Ranch is a project intended to feature hundreds of patio homes, a golf course, marina, equestrian center and a beach club built around Ute Lake.

Phelps said his goals included to have dry model homes in place — homes without plumbing — to show to potential buyers. The construction would start primarily on the western portion of the development.

Phelps updated the commissioners on the project’s progress. He said his company was taking precautions, assuring that there were no environmental dangers due to construction.

The commissioners carried the motion by Phelps. In turn, Phelps said construction on the homes could begin within the next two weeks.

Phelps said there was a big advertisement for Ute Lake Ranch in Avid Golfer, a national golf magazine. He added that Sports Illustrated will be using the golf course in a promotion it is running, asking readers of the magazine to name the golf course.

In their March 27 meeting, commissioners encouraged Road Superintendent Larry Moore to seek information regarding the purchase of a road groomer for Quay County. Moore returned to Monday’s meeting more enlightened about the subject.

A new groomer for the county could cost $13,450. Moore also gave the cost of additional features that would go with the groomer.

Commissioner Bill Curry suggested a request for proposal on the purchase.

All motions presented at the meeting were carrried unanimously.

Other motions included a proposal for the advertisement of turning the Montoya subdivision into pasture land; the approval of a Right-A-Way application by Shane Jennings regarding water construction; the approval of a contract for a voting machine technician; and other financial resolutions presented by County Manager Terry Turner.