April 19, 2006 Tuck’s Turf

The wind seems like it won’t stop.

There will be a mixed scramble Saturday, with a 2 pm shotgun start.

Also before the start there will be a quick clinic on the golf swing.

Upcoming events

l Mill-Strebeck Three-Man Partnership, May 5-7.

l Match Play Championship, May through July.

l Mother’s Day scramble, 1 p.m. May 14.

l Mixed scramble, 2 p.m., May 21.

Pointer of the week

Pitching the ball. There is too much emphasis on body rotation. The body and arms have to work together. The body should follow when the arms swing back and when the arms swing forward.

Tri-format results

Results from Saturday’s Tri-format tournament.

First Flight: First, Roger Bowe/Gary Lee, 102; second, Steve Mills/Dennis Hodges, 109; third, Russell Sanford/James Whinery, 111; fourth (tie) Dave Hein/Marty Garcia, Chris Sandoval/Andy Garcia, Kenny Kingston/Richard Primrose, 113.

The highlight of the tournament was Bowe’s double eagle on the ninth hole, a par 5 hole.

Second Flight: First, Don Wellborn/Chipper Breen, 107; Jay Carney/Clair Rachor, 114; third (tie), Tony Marano/Jim Norris and Justin Alvarez/Cole Wallin, 117.

High School Results
Results from Monday’s tournament at Ruidoso:
Clay Beevers 85-86-171
Justin Alvarez 98-81-171
Anas Badshah 99-83-182
Qasim Badshah 101-95-196
Stephen Smith 96-95-191