Meth lab discovered in city

QCS Staff

No arrests have been made in connection with a methamphetamine lab discovered Wednesday in Tucumcari, police said.

The lab, found at 110 N. Park Street, was discovered when a prospective buyer was looking at the property, which currently has no residents. Officers from the Tucumcari Police Department were called shortly after 10 a.m. and secured the area until about 4:30 p.m. as the lab was properly destroyed.

The lab is the first discovered in 2006 for Tucumcari, and the first Larry Ham has seen since taking over as police chief in June.

“We’ve heard four or five rumors (we couldn’t verify),” Ham said, “but this is the first since I’ve been here.”

Ham said the matter was an ongoing investigation and that information was limited as of Friday. From the condition of the evidence gathered, the department is operating on the assumption that more than one person was involved.

Since utilities to the house weren’t working, the department is also assuming the lab hasn’t been used for a few months.

Police said they don’t know if the lab was used by somebody living at the property or by somebody who discovered the house was empty.

“My narcotics officers will be investigating who is (connected) to the house and we’re following up on some other leads,” Ham said, “but at this time we can’t say (much else).”