May 10, 2006 Letters to the Editor

Mexico boycott may be necessary
I read another’s comments that they canceled their vacation to Cancun,
Mexico, so as not to give support to Mexico.
I have taken that message to heart and I will no longer buy any produce,
goods, or services from Mexico. It’s time to show what Americans
contribute to the Mexican economy and that our U.S. dollars will hurt the
financially and socially elite of Mexico if Americans boycott Mexican
Enough is enough already.  The time for phony-baloney political
correctness is over.

Dianne Holman

Foster care can make a difference
May is National Foster Care Month, a time to raise public awareness of the need for more people who are willing to change a lifetime for children and youth in foster care by sharing their hearts, opening their homes, and offering help.
As a foster parent, I have experienced the tremendous satisfaction of opening up my home and heart to a child or young person. Being a foster parent has been one of the most important things I have ever done.
I urge everyone to find out how to make a difference in the life of a child in foster care by visiting or calling 1-800-432-2075.
There are hundreds of ways you can help.

Renee Fitts