Aggie speaks again

By Lynn Moncus: QCS Columnist

I, Aggie, have locked all the doors so the slave won’t know I am writing and hope she doesn’t find the keys until we have finished our visit. She has been more selfish than ever by refusing to let me sit at the computer, but she has mentioned that a number of my friends have been asking about me and saying how much they like to read my columns. One of these days, she will realize I have a larger fan club than she and will then go into a major decline.

Actually, I have spent a lot of my time in my safe corner because I’m just a little scared when the wind blows, and it surely has blown a lot lately. I also know we are supposed to find a secure place in which to hide just in case that wind gets too high and might damage the house. Because of my superior intelligence, I know when the wind is going to hit long before the slave knows whether the sun is up or down. I can both hear and feel it just about the time it is ten miles away and know I need to go into hiding. I try to warn the slave, but she just looks at me as I dash by her chair and goes on with whatever she is doing.

We have taken some good trips into the country every Sunday and have done quite a bit of walking so I can gather a lot of new and can see a lot of dirt and rocks. We did meet and antelope one afternoon while walking along a road, and I took one look at him before deciding to be very quiet so the slave could take a few pictures and so I could remain at her side. He said a few words to me which she didn’t understand, and I had enough sense to avoid going any closer in order to remain at a safe distance from his sharp hooves. As I said, I have far more intelligence than the slave and know when to turn back toward the car even if I have to drag her along with me.

She took me to her favorite canyons a few weeks ago so we could have a nice long walk for a change. When we are out there, she doesn’t get in a hurry to get back to the car and sometimes doesn’t realize I need to go back for a drink of water. She just keeps walking until she finds a big rock to sit on so she can stare into the canyon and do what she calls thinking. She just looks all around and seems to listen much more carefully to the bird song and other sounds in nature. I kind of like to sit beside her because she always seems much more relaxed than usual and seems to like to have her hand on me while we rest. I wish I could read her thoughts then because I think they must be pleasant since she no longer frowns and sometimes smiles as if she really is have a good time. She even picks up a few rocks and throws them into the canyon as if she is playing her own kind game.

When she knows we are going for a longer walk than usual, she takes a bottle of water along and shares it with me while we are sitting on that rock. I kind of enjoy drinking out of her hand and then letting her pour some of it on me to cool me off a bit. If she wants to be particularly nice, she also carries a snack so we can eat a bite and rest before returning to the car. Sometimes, she even lies down on that rock and makes me think she is going to take a nap, but I never see her close her eyes because she is usually watching the buzzards soaring overhead and commenting about the beauty she is seeing.

Even when I grow a little impatient with her, I know she will eventually do something nice for me and will plan a good trip each Sunday so we can be together without having any interruptions from that ringing telephone. I know she has that funny cell phone with her, but it never rings because she has it turned off so we won’t be bothered by any noises other than those sounds in nature.

You might tell her to make on another trip to those canyons soon so we can both relax and have a good time. You might also explain that you need to hear from me more often. I think she has found the key so I had better print this before she comes in and deletes everything.