No goodbyes; instead, thanks

By Kevin Wilson: QCS Interim Managing Editor

In this Quay County Sun you’re holding, you see me, Kevin Wilson, as the Sun’s interim managing editor.

On Monday, Chelle Delaney will join Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico as the QCS managing editor. In other words, I’m 48 hours away from being demoted.

My travels will continue to Tucumcari, as I’ll be helping out Chelle from time to time. However, Route 66 will no longer feature the office where I stash candy and waste time on the Internet.

Though I’ll be nearly 90 miles away from Tucumcari most days, the memories of the last few months will be close to me in my heart and my mind.

I watched a group of Rattlers make the state basketball tournament for the first time since 1990, and do it so handily that I didn’t believe the drought myself.

I saw the Tucumcari class of 2006 graduate like many classes before, yet still manage to make its passage into adulthood unique.

Even for the lows, there were highs. I feel we’re still a long way from closure in the canal incident that claimed Agustin Montiel’s life, but Tucumcari’s a better place because of the citizens who offered support to the boy’s family and each other.

Most of my columns are dedicated to slightly amusing, totally mindless diatribes about television and how a cookie from Subway can help your life have new meaning. For this one, I’m just going to give thanks.

To my coworkers, Tara Hatfield, Jim Fitzpatrick and Veronica Montano, thanks for making the office feel more like a second home and less like a job.

To Mesalands Community College, thank you for providing so many social and educational opportunities for Tucumcari and so many story opportunities for me.

To the Quay County and city of Tucumcari government representatives, thanks for always taking the time to answer the extra question that made my stories a little more worthwhile.

To the coaches and students of Tucumcari High School, thanks for taking the time to work with me throughout various seasons and school functions, even if the camera flash did blind you from time to time.

To the various citizens of Tucumcari and Quay County, I want to extend my thanks. At many avenues, you could have simply dismissed me because I was temporary. Instead, many of you took time out of your lives to make me feel like I was a friend for life.

Hopefully, I’ll get to tell many of you my thanks in person as I help Chelle make the transition to the Sun over the next few weeks.

Kevin Wilson is the interim managing editor of the Quay County Sun. He can be reached by e-mail at: