Connections make all the difference

By Chelle Delaney: QCS Associate Publisher

May I introduce myself? I’m Chelle Delaney (Chelle is short for Rachelle), fresh from Jacksonville, Fla., where I was born and worked on the local newspapers.

Sure, it gets just as hot in Florida as it does in New Mexico. And you know what they say here, “It’s a dry heat. No humidity.” Hummm.

Tucumcari, I’ve already found — even when its residents are faced with temps rising above 100 — is a friendly town. On my first visit here, about six weeks ago, I drove around the town at daybreak and as people were getting in their cars and going to work, they stopped and made a point to wave.

And I’ve had the same experience since exiting Interstate 40 just six days ago.

In that short time, I’ve discovered Tucumcari people aren’t just friendly, they’re helpful.

For example, when there was no water at my new (rented) house I had only to tell my problem to the first guy I saw outside working in his yard. His name is Art and like any modern day hero, he quickly un-holstered his cell phone and called someone he knows at City Hall.

In 15 minutes, a city truck was at my house with a key for the water meter and voila: running water. Got to tell ya, that has never happened to me in the larger cities I’ve lived in.

While I’m new to Tucumcari, I’ve started discovering all sorts of connections. A longtime friend from my college days reminded me that I know Bob Cates, a native of Tucumcari, who now lives in Albuquerque. At a wedding I attended over the holidays there was a woman I later learned worked at Mesalands Community College. It is a small world, we often learn.

We’re not so separated in our society; a few connections can bring us together. My first Monday here I covered an auto accident; the couple involved were driving through Quay County on Highway 54. And where did they come from? Eldora, Iowa, a town smaller than Tucumcari where my grandparents lived.

I suspect that, as we get acquainted, there will be other connections that will bring us closer together. And that’s important to me. Because it’s the people of Tucumcari who make The Quay County Sun interesting to its readers — the people of Tucumcari.

The fact is, the Quay County Sun is our newspaper. It’s by you telling your stories that the Sun will be able to tell the Tucumcari story. So don’t hesitate to call, to seek me out. I need to know your story.

You know my name, now I need to know yours. I look forward to meeting each of you.

Chelle Delaney is associate publisher for the Quay County Sun. Contact her at 461-1952 or by e-mail: