Bikers Rally for Cause

Chelle Delaney

You’ve heard them on the street. That deep low roar from the mufflers of their fine tuned and highly polished machines. And you know: The bikers are back.

They’ve been arriving all week in anticipation of the third annual Tucumcari Mother Road Rally.

“We’re hoping about 2,000 people will participate,” said Randy Block, president of the nøn-profit Mother Road Rally organization.

About $10,000 was raised last year and that money is used for children in the schools and children’s organizations, such as the FAA, in Quay County, Block said.

A fun part of the event is seeing the new wares from vendors at the Tucumcari Exhibition Hall, said Tom Powell, one of about 14 members of the Winged Riders of Artesia who rode over for the rally.

“Everybody likes to customize or personalize their bikes, and its fun to see what’s new.”

The rally is good for the community, said Block, noting that attendees are spending money for food, lodging and gas in Tucumcari. Other events such as the Poker Run to Conchas Dam and Ute Lake also give other towns in the area exposure, too.