Campers paint the town

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

This summer five campers are creating their own petting zoo of sorts.

But not to worry – even though most of these critters are larger than life –  they won’t bite.

And what better place to set up your own zoo than on the wall of a vet’s clinic.

It’s the second year that campers in the Mesalands Adventure Camp program are painting a mural on the building of one of Tucumcari’s businesses at the direction of muralist Doug Quarles.

Quarles said the plan is to have about a dozen animals on the south wall of the Animal Medical Clinic at 1923 South First Street.

“But there may be more animals by time we get through,” he said.

While some of the animals may have a personal relationship with their budding muralists, other four-legged and two-legged creatures are taken from life in and around Tucumcari.

Tomoko Bahrs, for example, selected an ostrich and is using a picture of the bird as her model from Floeck’s Country Ostrich, Emu and Rhea Ranch, northeast of Tucumcari. Miss Daisy, the burro, from Floeck’s is getting into the picture, too.

Camper Kathryn Bowen, 12, brought in a photograph of her dog, Sam, to use as a model; and fellow camper Madeline Wiegel, 10, is painting Sam into the picture. Other campers are Hideo Bahrs, 14, and Miranda Dominquez, 13.

This is the second summer Hideo Bahrs has participated in the muralist session of the Mesalands camp. Last year, he was one of several campers who painted a mural at the Hair Shop at West Hines Avenue and South Seventh Street.
Bahrs said the camp is fun. It’s also a legacy he enjoys sharing.

Whenever family members come to visit, Bahrs says, “I always take them by to show them.”

Veterinarian and owner of the clinic, Darrell D. Farmer, said, “I’m glad to participate. I think it’s a neat deal for the kids. It’s right here on First Street and it ought to attract a lot of attention.”