Pausing for all creatures small

I Aggie, am going to visit with you this week because the slave is sitting in the backyard enjoying the cool weather and doesn’t have the time to do any thinking, much less any writing.

Actually, both of us have been outside a lot during this pleasant weather and have really enjoyed playing games without her sweating and my panting. She hasn’t even complained when I have pounded on the door to tell her we need to play with my basketball. She almost trots across the yard as we try to play keep-away and has even won the game for the first time in months. When she plays that way, we have great fun.

She did ruin one day by giving me a bath and forcing me to stand still while she lathered soap all over me. Of course, I stood just long enough for her to get me covered and then shook the suds all over her in order to hear her yell.

Although she thinks I don’t like baths, I really rather enjoy them because I can then run out into the yard, roll in the grass, and get plenty of dirt all over me again. That really shakes her up and sometimes causes her to be rougher than usual while brushing my coat.

After it rains, I found some beautiful red mud to roll in and hoped she would admire my new look, but she went berserk one more time and used the hose to wash off that wonderful mud.

If she could only learn the dog’s eye view of the world, she would begin to understand a lot more about life. If she would sit quietly by the birdbath with me, she could learn what fun it is to chase the baby birds when they fly down to get a drink. Instead, she yells at me when she sees me playing with one and drags me into the house before I decide it shouldn’t become any larger. I really don’t mean to kill them, but they simply want to get away from me when I am in a playful mood, and I sometimes bite a little too hard.

I always take the little body to her to let her know I’m sorry, but she gives me another of her lectures about being careful with such little creatures. Well, I’m a little creature, and she isn’t very careful with me!

If she could see herself from my level, she would realize how the world looks from a few inches above the ground. She would also learn why I think she is a big critter as she towers over me while delivering those lectures.

She might learn to pick on people her own size instead of picking on me. She really shook me up one day when she thought I wasn’t listening to her. She picked up a rock, but I didn’t realize she had such a good aim until it bounced off my side and caused me to jump. Of course, I let her think she had broken all my ribs, but I was looking at the little rock she had thrown and wondered how he had managed to hit me with something that small. She began to apologize until I ran to her to let her know I wasn’t mortally wounded. She then laughed and went on about her business.

I surely hope we will have more cool days so she will be in a good mood. She tends to become very cranky in the heat and high winds, but she can be a lot of fun when the temperature isn’t high and the wind is calm. I also prefer this weather as the heat and wind make me want to hide in my corner at all times, not only to stay away from her, but also to feel secure from the forces of nature.

Just keep telling her how much you enjoy my columns, and maybe she’ll let me write again soon. I do have fun playing with her computer and leaving paw prints on the keys.