Judge turns case over to district court

By Staff: Quay County Sun

CS Staff
Magistrate Judge Edwin Bruhn turned the case of Crystal Cochran and Fred Jaramillo, III, over to district courts Thursday.

Cochran and Jaramillo are each charged with more than a dozen felony counts in connection with the death of 12-year-old Augustine Montiel.

He died May 18 in a Tucumcari canal. An autopsy revealed that Montiel had an alcohol level of .13. For adults the legal limit is .08 or less.

Jaramillo is charged with buying alcohol for minors and Cochran is charged with endangering a minor by allowing Montiel and his friends to consume alcohol in her apartment. Jaramillo and Cochran were arrested on June 13.
Following the testimony of several of Montiel’s minor friends, defense attorneys for Cochran and Jaramillo asked that conspiracy and several other charges against their clients be dismissed. The judge said charges would not be dropped and ruled that case would be adjudicated in the Quay County District Court.

The judge, however, did reduce the bond of Cochran from $100,000 to $10,000. On June 22, the judge granted Jaramillo, who also had a $100,000 bond, a reduced bond of $10,000 based on an agreement between the prosecution and the defense that the autopsy would not be contested.

The agreement means that the court will save money because it will not be necessary for an expert medical witness from the Office of Medical Investigation in Albuquerque to travel and appear in court in Tucumcari.

Jaramillo made bond and was released on June 22 from the Quay County Detention Center. Cochran remains in the detection center.