Route 66 historian visits Route 66 Festival

By Staff: Quay County Sun

Tucumcari’s Route 66 Festival began attracting vendors, visitors and, historians, too, for the weekend’s events.

One of the mother road’s biggest supporters and recorders of its history is Robert Waldmire. An artist and 1965-Mustang owner, Waldmire has traversed the road several times and even made a living as a traveling artist traveling the sacred road.

Among his many intricate pen and ink and water color drawings of Route 66 are the Tepee Curios shop, Five-mile Park and the Blue Swallow and San Jon motels.

“I traveled it as a kid on vacation, but really didn’t think that much about it,” he said.

But when the Route 66 revival began in the 1980s, “I got involved,” he said.

Tucumcari’s under-appreciated, he said. “There’s a lot to see here. “