Everyone’ s anticipating the Rattler reunion

By Lynn Moncus: Quay County Sun columnist

With the publication of “The Rattler” each year, excitement begins to build for the coming reunion scheduled for August 3,4, and 5.

Such an outstanding newspaper revives our Rattler pride while letting us review last year’s reunion as we look at the 56 pages of pictures and articles.

We see the young faces of the host class when they graduated in 1976 and have some idea of the work they have done to gather as many of their classmates as possible to attend this 2006 Rattler Reunion.

They along with the Alumni Board of Directors, will greet all attendees and see that everything is well organized so all of us can enjoy one more weekend together.

Although I have had to miss two of the reunions since they began in 1971. I’d be hard pressed to select my favorite year because each year has been just as great.

We see people each year who have never attended before as well as people who have maintained their attendance from the beginning.

As we look at the pictures of those who were here last year, we hope we will be able to resume our visits again in a few weeks and also hope more of those who have never attended will show up to renew old acquaintances.

Shortly after the arrival of “The Rattler”, those of us who have been out of school fifty years or more received “The Golden Rattler Directory”, a publication that contains the names and addresses of people from the class of 1926 to the class of 1956.

This is a great help to those of us who like to remain in touch because we can also find phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

In earlier times, we also had a directory of all Rattlers who had attended the reunions or who had wanted their names published, but that became a bit too expensive.

Only recently did the Alumni Board begin to publish “The Golden Rattler Directory”. Before that, Golden Rattler Marvin Wingrove published it on his own before turning it over to Jess Wallace. It became a rather large project for one person; thus, the board decided to take it over.

I also feel sure that many would be most willing to pay for a complete directory to be published every five years or so as is done by colleges and universities.

As we look at the schedule of events for the reunion, many of us know where we will be and with whom we will be enjoying all those hours.

We spend much time with our own former classmates, but we also enjoy roaming around in order to meet and greet as many friends as possible.

Whenever I look at the latest edition of the newspaper, I’m always amazed that I missed seeing a number of Rattlers and can but hope to see them at the next gathering.

We are most fortunate to have the publications to get us ready for the August conclave. Few schools throughout the country have all-school reunions, but we are lucky to live in Tucumcari and Quay County where such gatherings occur.

To have hundreds of former Rattlers come home for a weekend each year is very special and lets us know just how much we love our alma mater and our home town