Jeremy Lopez will play for South

QCS staff

QCS Staff
Jeremy Lopez, 17, will be playing for the South at the All Stars basketball match between the North and South next week in Albuquerque.

A 2006 graduate of Tucumcari High School, he played shooting and point guard for the Rattlers, and was instrumental in helping get the team to state, the first time in 16 years.

Getting to the state playoffs, Lopez said, was good for basketball in Tucumcari. The town has always been behind the school’s football team, “But I think it’s made people say, ‘Basketball is not doing too bad. It’s fun to go watch it,’” Lopez said.

He describes his own game as a “playmaker” or a “ball handler” — some one who is all over the court.

Rattler coach John Span would agree. “He’s got a good ability to handle the ball and to create shots for other players,” said Span, noting that Lopez was recognized by the Route 66 team and the Santa Rosa Lions Classic,
‘It’s real honor for him to be picked to play for the South,” said Span.

At the game Lopez said he will also probably be dueling again for the last time, with a long-time rival, Drew Perez of Logan, who will be playing for the North.

“We’ve been playing against each other since freshman,” Lopez said.

The game is July 27 in the Pit in Albuquerque.