Track getting a new surface

By Thomas Garcia

In preparation for the upcoming sports season, the Tucumcari High School track is undergoing a complete renovation.

The project is to be completed by mid-August, said Wayne Ferguson, athletic director of Tucumcari Schools.

The track has not had any major work on it since it was resurfaced in 1994, he said.“This project has been in the works for a couple of years but had been postponed due to needed renovations to school buildings,” Ferguson said.

The track will be resurfaced with an all-purpose, all-weather latex surface, Ferguson said. The track should be partially ready when the Rattler football team begins training in early August.

It is hopeful that the track will be completed by the beginning of the Rattler season barring any weather or work delays, Ferguson added.

The track will also be open for public use and is only closed before football games and track events.

“We like to keep the track available to the public and only close it for sporting events,” Ferguson said. “But we will close it if vandalism occurs or it’s misused.”

This is the only project in the works related to the sports programs at Tucumcari High School, he said.

In the future, one to two years, Ferguson said, there will be new bleachers and a press box.