County gets update on Ute Lake Ranch; New requirements on control burns

By Quay County Sun Staff

In a presentation before the Quay County Commission at their regular meeting, Lonnie Phelps, engineer for the Ute Lake Ranch development project, discussed the developer’s progress regarding the planned golf course and development of homes around the course.

Phelps said The Interstate Stream Commission had concerns about possible pollutants getting into Ute Lake Reservoir from any runoff from ponds and wetlands associated with the golf course.

ISC officials have expressed concern about potential contamination because of the scarcity of water and that Ute Lake is seen as the source for drinking water for communities and towns in the south such as Clovis and Portales.

Ute Lake Ranch is awaiting final approval of its plans for the golf course from the from the ISC and hopes that it will come by early September, Phelps said.

Phelps also advised commissioners that the project had met and passed the 100-year flood plan as well as the 500-year plan.

He said Ute Lake Ranch was categorized by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as Zone D for flooding which means it has a low potential for flooding.

In other business before the commission, Donald Adams, Quay County fire marshal, said that there were still bans on controlled burns because not all areas of Quay county had received rainfall.

Depending on conditions, Adams said that residents are required to seek the permission of their area fire chief to conduct a control burn.

Residents must first contact the fire chief in their area to learn if there are any special requirements and/or if a control burn will be allowed. If it is allowed, the resident must contact their police department and inform them of where and when the control burn will be conducted.

Following the burn, the resident is to contact the fire chief and police department in their area after the burn is out.

Here is a list of areas and fire chiefs who should be contacted:

Rural 1, Chief Brad Griggs 461-2760

Rural 2, Chief Shane Jennings, 461-1653

Rural 3, Chief Del Choate, 487-6557

Bard-Endee, Chief Donald Adams, 576-2233

Porter, Chief Nathan Wallace, 576-1911
Nara Visa, Gary Girard, 633-2888

Quay, Chief Gerald Hight, 487-2002

Jordan, Chief Jack Akin, 458-7621

Forrest, Chief Ray Rush, 458-6532