Caprock’s great for cool lofty thoughts

by Lyn Moncus: Quay County Sun Columnist

Trying to think positive thoughts during this extremely hot weather is no easy task, especially when sweat is flowing into my eyes so I can’t see where I’m headed.

Just trying to remember why summer used to be my favorite season of the year has stretched my imagination to the breaking point.
By listening to people around the village, I have learned that they are having just as much trouble as I as they attempt to think of something printable to say.

We seem to be complaining about almost anything that comes to mind and may even tend to be a little more argumentative than usual.

The sizzling heat most definitely affects our dispositions and might just make us a little violent had we enough energy to do more than to move from chair to chair.

Last Sunday as usual, in order to clear the mind and calm the nerves, I grabbed Aggie and headed south so we could take a little walk and relax in the quiet of nature.

Well, we stopped at our trail near Quay and walked about thirty feet in the stifling, still, hot air before staggering back to the car to get a drink of water and to turn on the air-conditioner.

Obviously, we needed to find a place in which we could walk and breath at the same time; thus, we headed south again and began to relax as we roared up the caprock.

Just watching the temperature fall on the car thermometer let us know that the plains would be more comfortable than was the valley.

Once we were on top and could see a few cattle in the green pastures, I began to relax and quit fighting some of the inner battles.

When we stopped to walk again, we were in a totally different atmosphere than we had been down below.

We wandered beside some calves and were in enough breeze that neither of us was uncomfortable.

While Aggie was gathering news, I was able to calm down and begin to clear the mind for a few minutes.

The peace and quiet of the llano settled over us and let us escape into out own world while we enjoyed the beauty.

Once we returned to the car, I decided to play with the camera and began chasing mirages in order to capture a few unique scenes.

I was also trying to capture a shot or two of the dust devils but was completely unsuccessful that time because I couldn’t manage to get close enough to see them through the view finder or was so close that the car bounced around as the little devils scurried by.

Obviously, it takes very little to entertain this woman from Ima as I don’t know very many people who would consider spending an hour or two chasing mirages and dust devils.

By the time we returned to town, both of us were smiling instead of snapping at each other.

I was even able to think some rather pleasant thoughts for a few hours after the drive. Now I’m trying to recall a few of the thoughts and scenes in order to cope with the heat until we can take another drive into the country next Sunday.

Some of us just naturally need to have a place to which to escape when tension builds to the breaking point. I am very fortunate to have our whole country to explore during such times and to be able to relax for a few hours in our beautiful countryside.

You might try taking such drives if you enjoy solitude and want to find places in which you can think your own thoughts without interruption. I’ll stay on my trail, if you’ll stay on yours at such times.