Seniors getting ready for Senior Olympics

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

About a dozen Quay County seniors are honing their athletic skills to go to Albuquergue on Aug. 2-6 to attend the State Senior Olympics.

They are Mele Armijo, Betty Bason, Cleso Blea, Lynn Hawkins, Leona Faye Mayfield, Mary Rivera, Gilbert Romero, Pete Valverde, Eppie Vigil, all of Tucumcari, and Lorraine Runyan and Maurice Runyan of House.

The Senior Olympics promote good health, said Betty Bason, coordinator of the Quay County Senior Olympics.
“The thought is that by staying active and healthy you can live a longer life and I’m living proof of it,” she said.

Seniors from Quay County will be competing in varied events, including pool, table tennis, track and field, air rifle, basketball, dancing and talent.

“I’m very excited, this will be the first State Senior Olympics I will be attending,” said Cleso Blea. Blea will be competing in pool and track and field.

Mele Armijo said, “I enjoy going to the state competition. I still work, so I practice when I can. Last year, I won second place at the state pool competition,” he said.

“The City of Tucumcari is our sponsor but several local business have helped us financially,” Bason said. “We truly appreciate their support and without their help some of the seniors could not participate.”

Bason said, some of the businesses helping senior olympians from Tucumcari include Bob’s Pharmacy, Wellborn Pharmacy, First National Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Citizen’s Bank, Everyone’s Federal Credit Union, State Farm Insurance, VFW, Tucumcari General Insurance, The Elks, and Tucumcari Schools Federal Credit Union.

Also helping are Dunn Funeral Home, Discovery Inn, Stucky’s, Fern and Dusty George, Corky and Laura Bason and First Baptist Church.

In fact, Vigil met Friday with representatives of the VFW, which presented he and his wife, Lucy, with a check to help offset expenses.

Bason tapped Vigil for senior competition when she found he and his wife taking their daily walk at the Recreational Center.

A diabetic, Vigil said his doctor recommended that he exercise.

Selected as the Spirit Athlete for 2006 for Quay County, a person who tries to live the olympic life as well as promoting sports, this will be Vigil’s second senior olympic competition.

Last year, Vigil won several gold medals.