House calls its 2006 football season off

By Thomas Garcia

The 2006-2006 football season at House has been canceled, said Art Brokenbek, superintendent of House Municipal Schools.

“It’s simply a matter of us not having a coach,” Brokenbek said. “We are supposed to be training right now but without a coach we can’t.”

Steve Foust, who coached last year’s Cowboys football team, resigned to take a coaching position in Capitan, said Brokenbek.

Foust’s departure, and the school’s failed attempts to find his replacement, meant the Cowboys started too far behind to recover. However, the school hopes to field a team in future seasons.

“We are in no way canceling the football program in House,” Brokenbek said. “We are just unable to compete this year, we fully intend on continuing our six-man football program here in House.”

Brokenbek said he notified prospective players by telephone.

Several House parents and students are disappointed that there will not be a football season this year and have some concerns about House’s other sports programs. Foust also coached the basketball and track teams.

“I hope they have a basketball team but with the canceling of the football season you just don’t know,” said Travis Wilson, who will be a senior this year.

Wilson had anticipated playing for the Cowboy.

“I’d like to play football but there is nothing I can do about not having a season or a coach,” Wilson said. “ I am the only senior boy this year and there are not many boys left in the area — but those who are here might have played football this year if it was available.”

House’s six-man football team is sanctioned with the New Mexico Activities Association, but it is an independent team and schedules its own games.House does not participate in playoffs or state competition.

San Jon Athletic Director Waymond Ragland said House’s cancellation would not affect the school’s football season.