City seeks to finance revamping pool

By Chelle Delaney:Quay County Sun

City officials and planners have been working to get the city pool repaired and back in swimming order for almost three years.

Now, it looks as if progress is being made.

Last week, city officials spoke with an official from the New Mexico Finance Authority to lay the ground work for applying for a loan to rebuild the pool, said Doug Powers, director of the city’s Community Development.

The decision by the city to borrow the money was made after City Commissioner Antonio Apodaca said the fixing pool was of great importance to family life and the quality of family life in Tucumcari.

City commissioners agreed unanimously at their July 27.
The price for repairing the pool is $359,830, a price that was much higher than city officials expected.

Although the city has a $100,000 grant to repair the pool and some additional funds that were allocated for pool maintenance, it has not been able to find the additional $200,000 plus to hire a contractor to fix the pool.

Aquatic Pools of Rio Rancho was the only firm to bid on refurbishing the pool and was the firm that worked up the pool’s redesign and assisted with permitting from the Department of Environment.

Powers said, “We will pretty well get a brand new pool, new piping, new pumps, new filters and concrete and tile work, life guard chairs. There will also be a robotic cleaner.”

There will also be special accommodations for the disabled, so that they can get into and out of the pool, Powers said.

Overall, the pool will remain the same size and capacity, he said. It also is expected t be filled with water all year round. However, it will be closed in the winter, he said.

The city is hopeful that it will receive the loan, but “we haven’t given the notice to the contractor to proceed,” Powers said.
The New Mexico Finance Authority board will meet later this month, and it’s expected that the city’s request for a loan will be taken up at that meeting.

The authority does give interest-free loans and it is hoped that the authority will make the loan interest free or at a low rate.

When financing is agreed on, there will a be pre-construction conference with the contractor and then construction can begin, Powers said.

It’s possible that construction on the pool could begin in September, he said.

“The whole intent to have this by next year. To have the pool up and ready for summer,” he said. “As Commissioner Abadcoa said at the meeting, it is for the quality of life of the residents and that’s the bottom line.”