Rattlers relive memories

By Lynn Moncus: Quay County Sun Columnist

When this column appears today, let’s hope some of the returning Rattlers will join in the sharing of memories of our school days as they are getting ready to attend the banquet. This is one of the greatest weekends of the year for those of us who have called our area home for more years than we care to admit. Many of you who live thousands of miles away still say you are coming home as you make plans for the gathering.

Obviously, our school years were very special to us, or else we wouldn’t have such large numbers of Rattlers return each August to spend time revisiting our youth and recalling the happy times we had or even tearing up as we recall some of the sad times that affected us so deeply.

As we meet and greet each other, we most definitely know we are among friends but may be a bit shy at times because we don’t recognize each other as readily as some of us have changed in appearance just a bit since we left THS to go elsewhere after graduation.

Even those of us in the same class are apt to gasp a little when a former classmate appears for the first time since graduation. We tend to stare for a little while before we are really sure that person was the one we knew in that long ago time.

As I usually mention, the Class of ‘52 was one of the most outstanding classes of all, but I also receive much static as friends from other classes begin to try to prove that they were really the top ones of all. Competition and congeniality take over as we try to out brag each other about our accomplishments since leaving high school, we speak very proudly of those during our school years.

Not all of those had to do with grades because we like to remember some of the more mischievous activities in which we were involved. We enjoy recalling the real fun we had, whether causing a few teachers to lose patience or whether causing our parents to wonder what they were going to do with us to see that we got through school.

The younger Rattlers look at those of us in the Golden Rattler group and can’t imagine that we were once the liveliest and most mischievous kids in town.

Little do they know that we can still think up enough mischief to get called to the principal’s office and are really quite capable of carrying out some of those tricks.

We may not be as agile as we once were, but we still have very active minds and imaginations and can keep up with any of the alumni in having a good time.

As some of the Rattlers have driven around town this weekend, I am sure that they have wondered what has happened to our streets. Well, just think about the days before most of the streets were paved, and you will feel right at home.

Even though we can’t “drag Main”, we can still recall the many hours we spent there as we watched all the people and drove along honking at each other in passing.

Yes, we may see all to many vacant buildings, but we can still remember all the businesses that were there during the building of our town. We see many changes, but we still feel comfortable as we explore the rest of town and check out all the places that were important to us in our youth.

Let’s just enjoy our time together, laugh, cry and be proud of our heritage. Let’s just sing “Hail to the Rattlers” and stand tall as we look around at our friends of all ages. “On Ye Rattler!” Let’s have a blast