Picture worth a thousand words

by Lynn Moncus

Now that the slave has finally finished writing about the Rattler Reunion, she has decided I could write the column this week while she takes a long nap. Although she seems to enjoy that gathering, I rather dislike it because she pays no attention to my schedule and is apt to tell me to cook my own meals if I really want to eat. Next year, please remind her that she needs to pay more attention to me and less to all her friends.

At least, I stole her camera and took a new picture of myself so you could see me in a different pose. I kept getting calls from fans telling me they couldn’t see me very clearly. Well, the slave doesn’t know how to focus the camera, but I do hope you will appreciate my beauty. I posed with a piece of raw hide in my mouth to pretend that it was a chunk of the slave’s shoe that I’d like to chew up so she would quit throwing it at me when I disturb those long naps.

I surely hope you have been enjoying the cool, rainy days as much as I and that you have played in your yards for the first time since the sun quit blistering us every time we went outside. I have even enjoyed the Sunday walks for a change and didn’t have to drag the slave back to the car so she could give me some water. In fact, she had to do the dragging last Sunday because I wanted to continue walking and gathering the news on that cold day. She needed more exercise so I made the return trip just a little difficult.

She also had me read the column by Chelle Delaney, Associate Publisher, in which Ms. Delaney talked about her time spent in Tipperary. Well, I think I should tell her “it’s a long, long way to Tipperary” from just In case she hasn’t figured that out. I’ve looked at some of the slave’s pictures of Ireland and can imagine that a few of the forty shades of green can’t be found in our county, but she’ll learn to appreciate every shade she can find although she isn’t apt to find any shamrocks unless she wanders around in some of the high country in our state. She may also learn that some of the Quay County natives can give just as confusing directions as can the Irish that a “wee country mile” may take several hours of driving time.

At least, the slave usually takes food and water along on our drives because she never knows how long we will be gone and because she knows I like to have a snack if we are gone for several hours. Those are the few times that she shares whatever food she has and lets me have new taste treats. I rather enjoy the Vienna sausages but am not very fond of the sardines because most self-respecting cats wouldn’t even eat those. I’m not a lot happier when she takes along some fried chicken and some cold biscuits, and she even seems to enjoy that kind of lunch more than whatever comes from cans.

On the really hot days, she takes extra water and a towel so she can wrap me in a wet towel when I get too hot. I notice that she also carries a smaller towel for herself and wears it around her neck so her face won’t get too red. When we are in the canyons, she usually finds a big rock for us to sit on and sees that it is near a tree so we can be in the shade. Both of us have been known to take naps at such times because we enjoy the quiet and can relax without being interrupted. I tend to become a little excited when the buzzards begin to circle, but she just looks at them and tells me we will be okay for the moment.

If the weather remains cool until Sunday, we will be on the road to explore more of our county and to have a lot of fun as we walk along. You should try that in your spare time so you will understand what I am trying to tell you.