Pep rally revs up Rattler spirit

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Students and athletes rallied under the Rattler banner on Thursday afternoon in anticipation of kicking off the 2006 sports season on Friday night.

The Rattler teams were introduced and welcomed by other students and faculty at the high school auditorium to rev up the fans. Each team and player were greeted by cheering and clapping from the crowd.

The Rattler cheerleaders competed in a mini-dance-athon, where two athletes representing each class went toe-to-toe. There were a lot of cheers and crowd favorites but in the end the sophomore team won the dance-off.

“This gets everybody pumped up. It gets us excited for the coming season,” said Junior Andre Debord, a varsity football player.

Freshman JV football player Kenny Hanson said, “I have been doing this since junior high and it’s always fun.”
Varsity volleyball player Cydnie Rich said, “This was a nice night — everyone felt really welcomed by the crowd and we appreciate that.”

As Rich begins her senior year, she said, “I’m really nervous and excited. Since it’s my last year I would like to prove and show what we’ve got. And have a great season.”