Forest Service holds firewood sale

The Kiowa National Grassland is offering personal use firewood permits for sale beginning Friday. A designated firewood cutting area has been established along the rim of Mills Canyon near Roy.

Trees in the area have already been cut in an effort to thin an overstocked stand of pinyon and juniper trees. Only down trees in the designated area are available for firewood cutting.

The minimum charge permit is $22 (4 cords). Each additional cord is $5; maximum number of cords that can be purchased by a single household in a calendar year is 10 cords. The firewood cutting area will be open as long as weather permits. Cutting must occur within 60 days of purchases of 4 to 6 cords and within 90 days for 7 to10 cords.

Permits are available for sale at the Forest Service Office in Clayton from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday at 714 Main Street. For information, call the the Kiowa and Rita Blanca Grasslands Office at (505) 374-9652.