New general manager for Arch Hurley?

by Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

A decision about the new intermin general manager of the The Arch Hurley Conservancy District could be made today at 9 a.m. at a special meeting of the district’s board of directors.

Included on the board’s agenda was the topic of a interim general manager.

The district’s current general manager, Wayne P. Cunningham, will serve his last day Thursday. The Arch Hurley board and Cunningham agreed to a termination agreement on Aug. 8.

Members of the board would not comment on reasons for Cunningham’s termination.

Meanwhile president of the board, Franklin McCasland, who agreed with board members to dismiss Cunningham, resigned from the board, effective Aug. 15.

McCasland’s resignation letter states, “I want to be up front with the board of directors that I am considering applying for the manager’s position.”

McCasland had no further comment.

Board member Larry Perkins has become president of the Arch Hurley board.

According to Cunningham’s employment agreement with Arch Hurley, signed on Feb. 13, 2004, it was agreed that Cunningham would recieve:
l $60,000 a year
l $1,000 a month in housing expenses
l a car
l a half year’s salary if terminated.

The district’s termination agreement with Cunningham states that he will recieve his regular salry and housing allowance through Aug. 31, $30,000 in severance pay and $8,174.36 for 283.34 accumulated vacation hours.

The Arch Hurley Conservancy District distributes water for irrigation from Conchas Lake to nearly 700 constituents who pay for those water rights.