Meslands puts together its new strategic plan

Special to the Quay County Sun

Mesalands Community College keeps no secrets about how it accomplishes its goals and continues to grow and progress in its rural setting. It’s all done by establishing strategic plans that put in place tactical objectives and goals that can be accomplished and thereby move the institution forward.

During the recent Mesalands Community College Board of Trustees meeting the results of the concluded strategic plan was reported and the new plan (for the next three years) was presented.

“This is the fourth strategic plan implemented at the college,” said Mesalands President Phillip O. Barry.
“Since this process was started in 1996 the college has completed three strategic plans which included 18 strategic priorities, 119 goals, and 988 tactical objectives. We have completed 893 of those tactical objectives for a completion rate of 90.4 percent.”

The college involves its employees, students and the governing board in the planning process. Employees identify and complete the tactical objectives. It is a process that is ongoing and is continually being updated.

With its strategic plan in hand, the College uses it as its single most important tool for decision making. It establishes the pattern for areas where improvement is needed and identifies areas where the college can expand its procedures, operations, services, and courses being offered.

It all starts with an environmental scan, a document that identifies the global factors contributing to the restructuring of the economy and social aspects of the world, America, New Mexico, Quay County, and the college.

Once the scan is completed, college employees and members of the board of trustees review the findings and develop a set of statements about world, regional, and local conditions that might create situations or opportunities (called assumptions) of which 28 were developed.

All employees are then asked to review the Assumptions and develop Implications about the college’s future. There were 195 Implications identified and applied to the assumptions.
From all of this there were five Strategic Priorities established with 16 strategic goals.

Each of the strategic goals has a set of tactical objectives. There are 137 tactical objectives established in the recently introduced strategic goals and tactical objectives for 2006-2007.

An example of the process can be seen in the college’s attempts to establish the North American Wind Research and Training Center (NWARTC).

Under the current strategic plan is a strategic goal that has 12 tactical objectives aimed at the establishment of the new facility at Mesalands Community College, with tasks assigned to three different employees to be completed as early as August 2006, with other completion dates spread over time having the latest date of June 2007.

“People in the community often ask why the college is so successful,” said Barry.

“I always tell them that it’s because of the strategic plan, and the fact that at the college, we work hard at completing our tactical objectives so the college will continue to progress.”
The top administrators at the college are not exempt from the process with the president being directly responsible for the completion of nine tactical objectives, and indirectly involved in several others.

This information was provided by Mesalands Community College