County chiefs learns new interim procedures

by Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

County Commissioners and Quay County department heads met Friday morning
at a special meeting to discuss operating procedures following the Aug. 30
death of Quay County manager Terry Turner.

Don Schutte, district attorney and attorney for the county, went over the
public meetings regulations for public officials with department heads. He
explained that they could not meet with any two of the three commissioners
because that would be considered a public meeting according to state law.
It was also noted that Turner often brought items from the departments for
approval or for information before the commission.

County Commission chair Franklin McCasland said that department heads
would now have to bring items before the commission by putting them on the
commission’s agenda.

Also, McCasland said it would be necessary for department heads to attend
meetings so that they would be present in case the commissioners needed
further information.

Commissioner Bill Curry told the group, “I would to express out thanks to
you for doing your job and doing your job well….We’re going to make it.”
Curry said the county’s in good shape.

“We have Terry to thank for that, but it’s you also,” Curry said.

The commissioners also asked Schutte about procedures for hiring an
interim manager. Schutte said the commissioners could seek out a interim
manager, explaining that the interviewing process would be open to the
public. However, the commission’s discussion on the pros and cons of one
candidate versus another could be conducted in a closed executive session
because it is a personnel matter.

The Quay County Commission will hold its regular meeting at 9 a.m. on
Monday at City Hall.
Among the items to be discussed are road updates, the Red Ribbon Carnival,
an interim county manager, county employees taking time off to go to the
Oct. 4 air show and a report from the county fire marshal.