09-13-2006: Turk’s Turf

Tuck’s Turf
We had a great little Ryder Cup-type format Sunday afternoon with a different twist on some of our other events. And folks said they enjoyed the format. Here are the results:

Tower A Flight
1st: A.C. Chavarria and Ted Woolridge, 67*
2nd: John L Frost and Roger Bowe, 67
3rd: Larry Roybal Sr. and Andy Garcia, 68
Jim Norrie and Rex Maddaford, 71
Howie Tucker and Claire Rachor, 73
Arnett Hooser and Des Griggs, 74
Art Palmer and Edgar Shipley, 74

Tower B Flight
1st: Sharon and Gary Cardwell, 70
2nd: Charlie Sandoval and Chris Sandoval, 73
3rd: Arthur Jimenez and Geo Arquello, 75
4th: Mark Romero and Sam Marshno, 78
Ronny Sanders and Gary Lee, 78
H.R. Carney and Jay Carney, 78
John Howard and Don Wellborn, 78
Charlie Bowen and Keith Bowen
John Liles and Justin Liles

* Winner in playoff and winner of a set of Cobra Irons.
Mark Romero won the raffle.

Special Note
Painter will be starting Sept. 19. So look for the crisp semi-gloss white exterior latex finish.

Howie Tucker is a golf professional in Tucumcari.