Molinas enjoys last run

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

Krystal Molinas has been on the Rattlers’ side and sidelines for half a decade.

Molinas is the head team manager for the Rattlers varsity and junior varsity football teams.

Molinas got her start as manager of the Rattlers during her sophomore year in 2001 when her brother A.J. Molinas was playing for the team.

She continued to be the manager for the Rattlers even after she graduated from Tucumcari High in 2005.

“I wanted to help my brother and the team. I knew most of the guys on the team and they asked me to stay on as manager,” she said.

As head manager Molinas’ duties include taking care of minor injuries of players during games, making sure the proper and extra equipment is available for home and away games, keeping the players hydrated and doing the laundry.
She also performs these duties at the Rattlers weekly practice sessions.

Molinas said, “I enjoy making friends and the interacting with people as a manager. Everything about doing this is fun … except for the laundry. I hate laundry.”

While being on the sidelines, Molinas has a upfront view of what is going on.

“I’d have to say one of my favorite moments would have to be winning state in 2002,” she said, “and when we were the 2003 district champs.

“I’ve known a lot of these guys since they were freshman so I call them my boys. I don’t like it when one of my boys gets hurt. I just hope it doesn’t happen and if it does I just hope they get better soon.”
This year is a lot more emotional for Molinas as she announced she would be quitting as manager after this season.

Molinas said, “I’m going to attend college in either Portales or Albuquerque. I’m going to study for a degree in physical therapy and athletic training. Some of the juniors are disappointed with me quitting. They wanted me to be there for their senior year.”

Molinas is hopeful of being a team manager at the college she decides to attend.

And even though she will be away at college she’ll still be supporting the Rattlers.

“I know it will be hard,” she said, “but I’m going to get my dad to come and get me. That way I can go to the games on Friday so I can cheer for my boys.”