Voters invited to try out new voting machines before Nov. 7

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Do you want to test your voting skills before Nov. 7?

Two styles of new voting machines that will be used for the Nov. 7
elections are up and operating at the Quay County Courthouse for voters to
try out, said Ellen White, Quay County clerk.

The machines are using mock ballots, so that prospective voters can get
the feel of and practice on the new machines. The mock ballets let you
pick your favorite ice cream or you can “vote” for your favorite singer,
including Elvis or Billy Holly.

“These machines will be set up now through Oct. 6,” White said. “Anyone
who wants to try them out can do so. We also want to encourage all our
volunteer poll workers to come in and try them out.”

There are two types of new machines. An optical scanner voting machine,
that can read a voter’s ballot and detect if there are any mistakes. If a
voter makes a mistake, the machine rejects the ballot.

“It gives the voter the opportunity to make corrections by getting a new
ballot and starting over,” White said.

There are also special machines for the disabled. They offer, among other
things, a height and configuration that is wheelchair accessible,
earphones with volume control, Braille buttons and large type and visual
aids that allow the text to be seen as black on a white background or vice
versa. The machines can also be adapted to someone who uses a sip-and-puff

Statewide, about $2 million was spent by the New Mexico legislature on new
voting machines, so that all the precincts in the state would have the
same voting equipment,White said.

“Statewide every person votes the same way,” White said. “The integrity of
the vote is very high.”

Voting machines for Quay County cost about $200,000, White said.
Tucumcari resident, Jim Allen, who stopped by the clerk’s office, checked
out the new machines.

“I think it’s pretty good,” Allen said. “I think that will work out great.”
To vote on Nov. 7, you must be a registered voter. To register you have
to provide your name, birthday, address and Social Security number.
For information contact White at 461-0510.

Voter registration is available from now through Oct. 10 at the following

Quay County Clerk’s Office
Citizens Bank
Everyone’s Federal Credit Union
Tucumcari Housing Authority
Tucumcari Public Health Office
Veterans Administration Office
Wells Fargo Bank
First National Bank
Tucumcari Federal Savings & Loan
Tucumcari City Hall
Mesalands Community College
Tucumcari Public Library
Tucumcari Motor Vehicle Office

Logan, San Jon and House
Visit the Village Office

Nara Visa
Call Travis Nelson at 633-2220.