Falling for the season

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

We’ve all got that feelin.’
The reason’s the season. It’s fall.
Matter of fact, it’s the season of the autumnal equinox, the official astronomical change-of-the-seasons. We should have felt it yesterday, East coasters had to wait until today.
The air is getting cooler. The days are getting shorter.
After healthy doses of much waited-for rain, the summer’s green grasses will start to weather. And the leaves in the trees will begin their colorful displays of yellow, orange and red. Certain landscapes, such as the aspens will, for a short time, go golden.
Whole landscapes are changing color. Some fields are already a mass of colorful yellow flowers. After driving by Floeck’s and seeing the ostriches amid the field of flowers, it wasn’t too hard to imagine you’d stepped into a scene from the Swiss Family Robinson film.
And the briskness in the air, after those first steps out of the house in recent mornings says its time to look for the sweaters, the coats.
It’s the season we get up and go — summer’s hot, lazy days are fading behind us.
Play days have turned into school days. And there’s plenty to do at school. It’s not just homework, there are games to be played, homecomings to attend.
Yes, this season’s the time to realize how fortunate we are, how many reasons we have in this season, to celebrate Thanksgiving — and, not too much later, the big one. Christmas.
It’s a season for being with other people, a season for joining in, a fresh exposure to the delights of life.

Chelle Delaney is associate publisher for the Quay County Sun. Contact her at 461-1952 or by e-mail: