Junior Rattlers shut out opponents

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Junior High Rattlers shut out the Santa Rosa Cubs Thursday night 50-0 in Tucumcari.

Rattlers Coach Eddie Encinias said, “Our team played hard. They were excited and if they made a mistake they worked on correcting it. They have a lot of heart and have the desire to succeed. Coach Bryan Dunlap has worked really hard and done a great job with the linemen. I truly love coaching with him.”

The Rattlers dominated offensively and defensively against. Their defense kept the Cubs from gaining few yards after contact. And when the ball came lose the Rattlers fell on it and come away with the possession.

“It feels good to win. Santa Rosa is a tough team,” said eighth-grader Travis Garcia.
The Cubs were plagued with penalties and mistakes. Every time they started to advance down the field they were called back for being offside or holding. The Cubs fumbled five times in the game, once in the first half and four times in the second. A Cubs’ fumble was how the game ended, deep inside of Cubs’ territory the clock ran out giving Tucumcari the win.

Eighth-grader A.J. McElroy had a solid night on both sides of the ball. McElroy had two touchdown runs and a sideline tackle that prevented a score from a Cubs running back.

“I didn’t want him to score,” McElroy said. “He started to the outside and I chased him down. I’m looking forward to the rest of our season and think that Fort Sumner is going to be the hardest team we have yet to play.”