Letters to Editor: Rising gas prices

On Labor Day, my wife and I went to Ute Lake in Logan. We were surprised to find gasoline prices at both stations at least 20 cents cheaper than gas in Tucumcari.
Given the fact that Logan is 25 miles off of Interstate-40, a small village and a tourist/recreational area that draws people all the way from Texas, you would expect gas prices on a holiday to be more than $3 per gallon.
This prompted me to take advantage of a trip I made to the Dallas area later that week. I wrote down the gas prices on my return trip.
They ranged from $2.34 per gallon in Gainesville, Texas, to $2.60 in Quanah and Claude, Texas.
Prices along I-40 in Amarillo ranged from $2.46 to $2.50.
On my entire trip, I was unable to find gas prices as high as those in Tucumcari. And I looked hard.
According to GasBuddy.com, gas prices in Clovis were averaging $2.59 per gallon and the national average was at $2.60 on Sept. 11. The price in Tucumcari ranged from $2.76 to $2.89.
Can someone tell my why Tucumcari is consistently so much higher than everyone else?
I would like to commend Logan for taking the high road on the holiday. And I recommend that Tucumcari get with it.
Rick Haymaker