Quay County 4-Hers place, show at state fair

2006 New Mexico State Fair Results
The following are the results from Quay County 4-Hers who participated in livestock and indoor exhibits at the New Mexico State Fair.

Swine Show
Tanner Sorrels, 5th place medium heavy Cross
Brittany Slutz, 10th place Cross; 11th place Cross
Keely Goodgame, 5th place Duroc

Sheep Show
Denton Dowell, 1st place Class 1 Finewool, 4th place Class 2 Mutton Cross, 1st place Class 1 Blackface, 5th place Class 2 Blackface, 6th place Class 2 Blackface, 8th place Class 3 Blackface, 10th place Class 2 Blackface
Lisa Mitchell, 4th place Class 1 Finewool Cross, 5th place Class 1 Mutton Cross
Chase Thompson, 4th place Class 1 Mutton Cross, 7th place Class 2 Blackface
Lindsey Jennings, 13th place Class 2 Blackface
McKayla Atwood, 12th place Class 3 Blackface
Lily Bowe, 13th place Blackface

Goat Show
Rae Arnett, 3rd place Class 2

Steer Show
Lisa Mitchell, 2nd place Class 1 Angus, Reserve Breed Champion Angus
Cimarron Osborn, 3rd place Class 1 Chianina, 3rd place Class 1 Maine-Anjou
Blake Moon, 7th place Class 2 Simmental, 6th place Class 4 Cross
Rana Gibson, 5th place Class 6 Cross
Austin Gibson, 4th place Class 7 Cross
Chase Thompson, 1st place Class 7 Cross

Rabbit Show
Amye White. 5th, 6th, 12th and 16th place, Meat Pens; 1st, Best of variety and opposite breed variety, dutch doe; 2nd, mini lop buck, sr buck californian, sr doe californian; 3rd, sr buck californian; and 4th place sr buck californian

Horse Show
Desirae Evans, 6th place Showmanship at halter; 6th place Western Horsemanship; 6th place Trail; 6th place Hunter under Saddle; 4th place Pole bending
Ysidra Tellez, 1st place Hunter over fences
Brea Valentine, 4th place Hunt seat Equitation
Becca Alden, Novice all around, buckle winner. 7th place Showmanship; 2nd place Western Pleasure; 1st place Trail; 1st place Hunter under Saddle; 1st place Hunt Seat Equitation; 2nd place Equitation over Fences; 2nd place Hunter over Fences (Reserve High Point Novice).
Phil Alden, 3rd place Showmanship; 6th place Horsemanship; 3rd place Hunter under saddle

Heifer Show
Ryan Wall, 4th place AOB
Wayce Waller,1st place Angus; 3rd place New Mexico Angus Heifer Futurity

4-H contestants in the indoor exhibits
Senior in 4-H
Lisa Mitchell, placed 3rd with her level one rocket and 1st with her level two rocket.
Carmen Runyan, 1st with her stamped design cross stitch.
Jennifer Osborn, 1st with her ceramic Mother of Pearl tea set and 3rd with her ceramic praying hands.

Junior in 4-H
Taylor Atwood, 3rd with her recipe box, 1st with her biscochitos, 3rd with her corn tortillas and 2nd with her cornhusk doll.
Katie Lamm, placed 1st with her apron and 3rd with her kid shawl.
Georgia Mitchell, 2nd with her scarf.

Novice in 4-H
Jordan Runyan, 1st with her cropped and uncropped picture, 2nd with her flash photo, 2nd with her photo album, 3rd with her T-Shirt and 1st in the pants category.