Sept. 27, 2006 Tuck’s Turf

Many golfers and non-golfers enjoyed Saturday evening’s Nite Lite Scramble party.
It couldn’t have happened without the help of volunteers Des and Linda Griggs, Sandy Lee, Gary Lee, Randy and Carol Block, Dave Hein, Vicki Frost and all the club members. And I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Nite Lite format
For those of you who don’t know about the Nite Lite scramble and how you play it in the dark: The format is a four-person scramble. The tee boxes are marked with special glow sticks, and set up at about 150 yards or shorter to the hole. The putting greens are also set up with glow sticks on the flag stick and also a glow plug inside the cup. A flashlight can help you to guide yourself along the way and for safety reasons. All in all, it is a lot of fun and good time for all.

Nite Lite Results:
April Shipley-Edgar Shipley, Bob McCelland Jr, Gerald Reed 2 under Par 25
Closest to Hole: Team Winners: #3 John Howard-Vivkie Frost, Jophn L Frost, Ronny Sanders

Pointer of Week
When playing in any type of weather, switch golf balls after the play of each hole. Keep the same type golf ball in your back pocket and exchange after the play of a hole to keep a warm ball in play. You will see the difference whether it’s cold or warm weather.

Howie Tucker is a golf professional in Tucumcari.