10-07-2006: Turk’s Turf

By Howie Tucker

Upcoming events
It’s great golfing weather. Come on out and enjoy the perfect skies and great condition of your golf course. Here are some activities to get you started:
l Next week the Mesalands Community College Community Education golf classes begin on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. You don’t have to be college student, just a adult interested in golf. Classes will be from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Oct. 10-24. Cost is $15. To sign up, call 461-4413, ext. 100, or drop by Mesalands.
l Mark your calendar for Oct. 14. The Eagles Scramble will start at 8 a.m. (Shotgun course will be closed to about 1p.m.)
l Some parents have shown an interest in lessons for their juniors. If you are interested in lessons for the juniors, I will be happy to start classes on Saturday mornings.
l Also, let’s not forget the ladies. If you are interested in a group lessons on the weekends, I’m open to a time that’s convenient for you and to instruct.
For juniors or group lessons, call Howie at 461-1849.

Hey, how about the new paint on the cart barns? We’ve been getting great comments about the clean look. And just to let you know, three coats of good paint will make anything look better. A reminder for owners of cart barns: Please drop off a check to cover the job.

Point of Interest
During the winter months, if anyone is interested in having a
Rules Clinic at night let us know. We would be happy to bring in the Sun Country Golf Association’s representative or myself to provide some insight about the USGA Rules of Golf, and other topics you so choose!

Pointer of Week
Golf is a game you can play for life. Come on out and get started. We are here to help.

Howie Tucker is a golf professional in Tucumcari.