Grant to focus to combating underage drinking

By QCS Staff

Quay County was recently awarded a $40,000 Children Youth and Families Department grant to reduce underage drinking in Quay County. This grant could provide funding for four years.

The Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention has established guidelines for the grant and proscribes blending community systems to strengthen families and communities.

The Quay County Maternal Child & Community Health Council and the Quay County DWI Program are working together to implement this grant, which will fund the following local efforts in the 2006-2007 fiscal year.

l Protecting You/Protecting Me curricula in the grades 1-5 at House, Logan, San Jon and Tucumcari Elementary Schools.

l Development of an informational campaign tol increase awareness of the impacts and costs of underage drinking.

l Collaboration of law enforcement partners (Logan Police Dept., New Mexico State Parks, New Mexico State Police, and Tucumcari Police Dept.) to target and enforce underage drinking laws in the communities of Tucumcari, Logan, Ute Lake area and throughout Quay County.

The Quay County MCCH Council has identified substance abuse as its No. 1 priority. Quay County residents are encouraged to participate in this effort. Anyone interested may call Noreen Hendrickson at 461-6096 or Alida Brown at 461-4218.