Time for early voting

By QCS Staff

Absentee voting — for those who cannot participate on the Nov. 7 general election — begins on Tuesday, said Quay County Clerk Ellen White.

Absentee voting is available for all residents who would like to cast their vote prior to the general election, White said.

Voting can be done in person or by mail. To receive an application by mail, contact the clerk’s office at 461-0510.

In the meantime, a voter registration drive is being conducted by the Clerk’s Office and will continue through Tuesday, the day registration books close for the general election, White said.

Anyone who will be 18 years of age before Nov. 7 is eligible to register and vote, she said.

White is also alerting voters that they will be using new machines at this election. “You will be required to fill in an oval as opposed to connecting the arrow that Quay County is accustomed to,” she said.

The Clerk’s Office has its voting machines out and prospective voters are welcome to come by and view the new machines and ballots to become familiar with the new equipment, White said.

Also available to test is an Automark machine that is accessible for those citizens who have a medical condition that makes voting independently a challenge, White said. “This machine has functions for the seeing and hearing impaired, language minorities, those with physical limitations that make marking a ballot difficult or impossible.”

The following is a list of locations where registration forms may be obtained in order to register to vote or make the necessary changes to your voter registration affidavit. For information, contact the County Clerk’s Office at 461-0510. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Forms available at:
Quay County Clerk’s Office
Wells Fargo Bank-Tucumcari
Citizens Bank-Tucumcari
First National Bank of NM-Tucumcari
Everyone’s Federal Credit Union
Tucumcari Federal Savings & Loan
Tucumcari Housing Authority
Tucumcari City Hall
Tucumcari Public Health Office
Mesalands Community College
Department of Human Services
Tucumcari Public Library
Veterans Administration Office
Nara Visa (Contact Travis Nelson)
Logan Motor Vehicle
Tucumcari Motor Vehicle
Logan/San Jon/House village offices

Local Races
Magistrate Judge
Democrat: David Joel Garnett
Republican: Edwin A. Bruhn
Democrat: Janie Murray
Democrat: Joe Schallert
Republican: James L. Witcher
Probate Judge
Democrat: Sue Smith Moore
County Commissioner District 1
Democrat: Robert J. Lopez
County Commissioner District 3
Democrat: Franklin D. McCasland