Junior high team finishes season, 7-0

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

The Rattlers closed out their season 7-0 after a 14-0 win against Robertson Middle School on Wednesday at Las Vegas. The Rattlers were welcomed into Tucumcari with the flashing lights of a police escort.
“It was great,” said player Shawn Martinez.
“We are very proud of the boys. They had a great season and played very hard this year,” Coach Eddie Encinias said.
The team outscored its opponents 230-36 and twice hit the 50-point mark.
There are no playoff games or state tournaments for the young Rattlers to compete in at the conclusion of this season.
Some await the start of the next winter sport and some look further to the spring.

Season Round-up
Aug. 31 Estancia 38-12
Sept. 7 Texico 2-0
Sept. 14 West Las Vegas 54-0
Sept. 21 Santa Rosa 50-0
Sept. 30 Fort Sumner 34-16
Oct. 5 Clayton 38-8
Oct. 11 Robertson 14-0